Mayflower oil spill

Somehow I missed this “epic” pipeline spill in 2013. Diluted Bitumen, hit a small town. At 12,000 barrels not enormous, but still quite large, and highlights what damage an oil spill can do to human health. I really don’t understand why the industry is to intent to downplay the risks. “The smell got into her house, she said, and for a year she couldn’t shake a mailse triggered by coughing, congestion and miraines.” “They told of the unexplained death of pets. They said they became afraid to even take walks through their neighborhood.” The dilutans include some known carcinogenes, so I expect the cancer rate to go up in the long term, and there are probably going to be a couple of premature deaths. Yet were supposed to believe that when it spills into the ocean, it is just processed by hydrogen-degrading bacteria an that’s it? Also, the case highlights again the regulatory capture of the PHMSA, which for five years blocked all efforts to obtain documents on hearings etc. Despite the fact that these information on exactly what was spilled are obviously very important to the poisoned families.

Julian Barg


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