Pipelines & expropriation

I don’t like the term “eminent domain”. It is clearly a euphemism. Here is another story about expropriation in the US. Sure, the US will never date nationalize your company or put any significant tax on your riches–but they will take it for the benefit of corporate profits. What great progress. The usual modus operandi for the construction of pipelines, as with many public works in the US, poses a justice issue: like with highways in the mid-century, property value are a factor for deciding where to build pipelines. Guess which neighborhoods are usually poorer and have their propert value assessed at a lower level? So African-Americans, who are already disadvantaged, have a harder time building up any wealth because if they buy real estate at lower value in an African-American neighborhood do not get the same returns on their investments that the European immigrants get. Chances are, they will even lose a significant share of their money. I remember reading a great article written in first person on “redlining” and “black homeownership” in present times, cannot find it anymore. But google shows that there are many interesting reads around on that.

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