Why this blog?

When I started writing things down here, I had a vision in mind. Short notes, writen almost in a train of thought fashion. I come across interesting tidbits frequently, and I sometimes go back to some of them randomly. Obviously, I could just create a list, but that doesn’t really correspond to my structure of thinking so to say. A blog seemed like a more intuitive tool to use. Last week I was thinking that it would be easier to just collect links and post them once a week. That kind of fails, because I never got to the “once a week” part. That’s where the second benefit of this style of blog that I am aiming for comes in. Writing a note should only take me five minutes–then it is something I can do 2-3 times throuhout the day. Any polishing and it is going to throw my day off to much. Writing a post is also a great day to get the day started–knock something out right away. Hope I will get to enjoy doing that the next couple of days. Here goes for more productive blogging this week!

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