Keystone spill without media coverage

Today while looking at some PHMSA data, I came across a curious bit of information. Apparently there has been a spill at the Keystone Pipeline Lucas station in Beaumont, Jefferson county, Tx. I was not able to find any newsreport on this spill, so here some basic information. The spill was discovered on May 7, 2020 by am employee conducting a routine inspection–NOT by the fancy newfangled real-time monitoring system (SCADA) that was also up and running at the time. A total of 442 barrels was spilled, and some had run off the facility by the time the spill was discovered. The spill was caused by a corroded pipe. Fortunately, the station was shut down at the time of the incident, or a lot more crude oil might have leaked. For more information, see PHMSA report number 20200166.

Julian Barg


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