Covid close and personal

I think one reason for the American schism on covid is the lack of “human-interest stories” on covid, for the lack of a better term. I saw a lot of reports on the lockdown, people “suffering” from the mask mandate, etc. But relatively little on people suffering from covid, the doctors, nurses, etc. There is one new relevant documentary from the times accessible here. It’s probably not easy getting into a covid wing like that with your camera, so I appreciate the effort. And I also appreciate the perspective of what its like to battle covid in a less affluent community. Great stuff!

Edit: I forgot to mention, I am somewhat sure that one reason for the dearth of more personal covid content is Youtube’s restrictive policy. I remember at least a handfull of creators mentioning that merely saying the c-word can lead to their video being demonitized. I understand that the policy was put in place to tackle desinformation, but it would be interesting to see in how far it has also done a bit of the opposite. My intuitition is that a nurse or patient suffering from covid would go either to youtube or to twitter to document their fate or make a plea to others. Now the only way to get on youtube and reach a sizable audience is to have an official news team by your side. Of course there is also the fact that many of the sickest cannot talk or comment on their fate at all.

Julian Barg


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