Who are climate change deniers?

Interesting video by CNBC on climate change deniers. On the one hand, the video highlights some of the money flows to climate change denying think tanks. On the other hand Jerry Taylor of the Niskanen Center says in the video: “[…] everyone that I knew back when I was a climate skeptic were honestly persuaded that climate change was a wildly overblown concern that is being used by the left to destroy Western capitalism. This […] explains more of the right’s hostility to climate action than a naked story of enjoying checks being cut by the American Petroleum Institute” (time stamp: 5:54). For context, Jerry Taylor started his career about three decades ago at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which today has gained infamy for shopping around anti-protest legislation, with great success! Jerry Taylor spent 23 years at the Koch-funded Cato Institute before joining the other side of the aisle and founding the Niskanen Center to lobby for a market-based solution of climate change.

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